Americana Weddings

Picture this: a blue-eyed, blonde-hair little boy riding his bike on the sidewalk in front of a white picket fence; a young couple sipping on glass Coca-Cola bottles and watching the stars come out in the truck bed of an old red pickup; or the last summer picnic of the year with strung lights, your mama’s blue-ribbon pie, and fireflies playing in the distance.

This is what Americana-themed weddings are all about! Capturing those simpler moments and pulling on the strings of patriotic hearts everywhere. One of the many blessings of Americana weddings is the versatility it provides the bride and groom; you are really free to embrace whatever your ideal America is!


The Fifties

One of our favorite takes on the Americana theme is the fifties! What better way to showcase America than with Rock and Roll music, a soda pop toast, tea length dresses, and of course a classic getaway car!

50s getaway car

Nothing quite says the 50’s like this dreamy getaway car. To really commit to the theme, tie a few tin cans on the back!

50s Cupcakes

How adorable are these cupcakes?! We love how the bride thought outside of the box here and put a spin on the traditional soda pop float!

Tea Length Dress

This tea-length dress is the perfect fit, but we understand not every bride is willing to give up her dream wedding dress. Our alternative would be to play out the American 50s theme with your bridal party by using navy tea length bridesmaid dresses and matching suspenders for the groomsmen.

Vinyl Guest book

This idea makes me want to change my own guest book!! Having guests sign a vinyl record is such a classic way to showcase this theme without overdoing it. Bonus points if its Elvis Presley or Dean Martin!

A Vintage Look

To achieve the grandmother’s-porch-look, think about repurposing old things for a new purpose. This is one of the most affordable wedding themes. Christmas lights from years past will be your new best friend!


Forego the traditional wedding cake for homemade or store bought (we won’t tell anyone!) pies.

American Flag Kiss

You don’t need to go overboard with your bouquet or bridal party to get the vintage, American look. Wrap an American flag over the two of you and you have an instant picture perfect shot!

Vintage Table

Again, sometimes less is more. We love how this bride used all white flowers and ran ribbon down the middle to make a subtle nod towards her patriotic roots!

Vintage R,W, B Lights

The lights and banners give this outdoor venue a home-grown feel!

Have a Picnic

Do you want that warm, nostalgic feeling from your guests? Than a good ‘ol fashion picnic is the way to go! Think corn hole pick up games, checkered table cloths, homemade lemonade and a sparkler send-off.

Picnic Basket Card

This picnic basket will bring guests back to their childhood July 4th picnics without seeming too over the top. A few other ideas would be to fill picnic baskets with flowers to place at the end of the aisle, let the flower girl carry her petals in one, or buy miniature ones to use as table numbers.

Picnic Bouquet

What’s a picnic without flowers? We love how this bride subtly included patriotic flowers.


Lawn games are the perfect addition to your cocktail hour. They help you carry out your theme while also breaking the ice between the new in-laws.

Picnic Table

Between the checkered napkins, lanterns, and handkerchief seating, this wedding is pulling off the American picnic theme perfectly! The reason this bride was able to commit to her theme so fully without making it look tacky was her use in colors. Notice how she only used red with neutral colors.

Different Colors

Just because you want a patriotic wedding, doesn’t mean you are constricted to red, blue, and white! Americana weddings are all about thinking outside the box. Think about using sunflowers as centerpieces, a bit of purple, or foregoing color all together and sticking to neutral colors. If the traditional colors are the only suitable option, then opt for navy, dark red, and off-white to prevent your wedding from looking like an advertisement out of a July 4th catalog!

Color Yellow

The yellow sunflowers compliment the American flag while also giving it a country touch. Win and win!

Color Bouquet

We love how this bride broke up her American bouquet with hints of purple.

Color Cake

No one could deny that this cake table is all-out American, but we love the hints of yellow; it gives guests a break from what could be an overwhelming amount of red, white, and blue.

Color Rustic

This decor has more of a neutral, western look. Americana weddings are all about thinking outside the box and determining what America means to you. Whether its more of a wild west feel like this wedding or perhaps you think about cross-country road trips.

Our final advice: have fun with your Americana wedding!

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