The Perfect Gift

With the Holidays around the corner and the retail stores busting at the seams, everyone seems to be frantically searching for the right present for that one person who always seems to already have everything! Those people, albeit loved unconditionally, are impossible to shop for! This holiday season, give them the gift of a wedding planner!

What could be more perfect? Someone to be there for them from the very moment their date is in our calendar. We don’t fuss with the little technicalities of things like a maximum number of meetings or a minimum wedding budget.

Have you ever thrown a wedding? We have! We give expert advice on vendors, venues, and that one great uncle who insists on giving a drunken toast. Trust us, we have seen and handled it all!

Even the most well-planned weddings can be stressful; the cake server becomes lost, the wedding party doesn’t know when to be where, the photographer needs directions, the groomsmen need assistance with their boutonnieres, etc. There’s a million little details and reasons why hiring a wedding planner is the perfect gift to give a newly engaged couple (and we are sure the mothers will be just as grateful)!

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